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From Maharishi’s Message to
Lebanon and the Arab World

Eight thousand people could be employed by anyone, and they will have sometime morning and evening to practice the program and have a relaxed life. They will read their own religious texts, but would practice transcendental meditation and the program that we have to create peace on the atmosphere, our program of what we call “yogic flying”, yogic flying program. We have teachers in Lebanon; we have very good teachers, very enthusiastic teachers, and with all of that, the Lebanese national consciousness should be so full of the grace of God, full of harmony, full of happiness, that all these difficulties, all these negative things, all problems will not arise. Our teachers in Lebanon will inform the people that what we are offering is very real and is not anything that is segregated from any one religion. This is the fulfillment of all religions. Whether Christians pray, or Muslims pray, or Buddhists pray… Whosoever according to their system of prayer, they will ring the bell of eureka on the courtyard of God, this is how we can say.

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