Peace Project
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The Project at a Glance

1. Our Vision

To Create a Permanent Peace in all the Arab World

2. Our Mission

To make thousands of people develop higher state of consciousness through the Transcendental Meditation and the TM Sidhi Program, and help them to have financial self sufficiency.

3. The Transcendental Meditation Program

A simple and natural technique that gives benefits on all the levels of our life; our Mental Potential, our Health, our Social Behavior and World Peace.

4. The TM-Sidhi Program

An advanced program that optimize the brain functioning of human beings to radiate positive influences of harmony and coherence in the collective consciousness to establish a permanent peace in the world.

5. The Working Opportunity

The most successful expansion plan that allows the participant in the project to develop a higher level of consciousness and at the same time to generate a respectful income while working few hours a week. Living 200% of life: 100% absolute and 100% relative.


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